Stories About me, my girlfriend and her friend

  Stories About me, my girlfriend and her friend

Tentang Gue, Dia Dan Temannya
Due to lecture activities that are not too busy, lazy long to join the organization on campus. So .. every afternoon to go home from college, directly deh play to a friend, rather than at home itself make bete, quiet (watch tv show is also no crowd). Long had often hang out there the three, deh so on the singles again hehehehe. Starting my fad (foolish little) scolded my neighbor's friend. reprimand called his name but did not look back, in the suit..suit while siul instead of the neighbors of my friends who follow, make curious long - long. But because I'm a person easily broken spirit and already so expensive selling, finally I moved the place with my friend in front of the grand mosque kemayoran who knows there is a girl who want to know there..

Two weeks, three weeks hanging out in front of the grand mosque long ago, many people who pass in front of the grand mosque in courtship, the average on the trailer, never long to hang out there. the edges must be home. not because of syrup or less handsome, because it has not been given the same opportunity above to be female friends. Finally I lessin hanging out, forced every afternoon to go to college to sleep. if you do not sleep help parents wash, wash dishes and rub. because the habit of ngebantuin home work, finally everything I hold. no more time for hanging out, until - until my friends play home to hang out the night fit again wash. Inevitably, my friend helped me wash it out just hanging out. Still as usual just the three aja and just be able to see people on passing by pairs ride pairs - motorcycle. bored there moved to the bajaj racetrack. After that home, sleep in the place friends, because going home must have locked his pager.
sleeping in a friend's place, already like at home. sleeping in the upper room, wake up at noon, at the table already in the black + coffee + offered to eat. really good friend or friend like that. When I came home at home, my friends were riding motorbikes suddenly tuh girl that yesterday I was warped through, well do not want me to reprimand. turns out to smile and say "What, how come here again". I told you, yesterday was busy again a lot of work.

The wind of heaven has begun Blowing inside me, surely I will not be in vain. I immediately asked him no phone and every day I would die. I never think how much it cost to phone to phone from home, just in my mind I want to call the phone to continue (firstly, it's the first time there is a girl who want deket, bleed continuously ble do not until lost). pay home phone would not want to jump drastically, so up because I often tel to hp phone at home rarely used to make tel, most just accept telp aja. Bonyok sulk continued, not long ago I bought mobile phones and pulses every week, let me not use home phone.

Close and getting closer to me, even though I never walk with him. Which certainly can be spelled out really close, although only frequent phone calls.
At night I went back to hang out at my friend's house, ordinary girl pass me by the front, I just just stubborn stale. Actually I want to meet but I'm embarrassed and cold sweat if you see him smile and talk. Although I was brave in and pushed with my friends to meet him, still can not step foot feels heavy and stiff. Home from there I just call him. on the phone he said that girl want to know me with her friend, I think: "why I want to know with his friends, my people like him, even I want to know him with his friends". Yes I already wrote what he wants. The next day I was known as his friend, well pretty cute girl, and white but his smile I see not as beautiful as his smile. not long his friend started to call to me often, and invited my way. You could say his friend had a crush on me. which is still on my mind: "how come this way, my guy has a crush on die is not his friend, I'm a big mistake". Okay I run first wrote with his friend, even though I had a crush on him..

Because I used to be noticed, I finally really like the same friends. I did not invite her friends for a long time. Every where - where I must be with him (his friend), although again hanging out with my friend, there must be him. Sometimes I deliberately did not say hanging out, know - know she come to my friend's house. out hanging out at my friend's house must always w take her home. sometimes I am proud of my attention as I beat my parents, but sometimes I am not feeling good with my friend, not free like he used to when hanging out there must be him. Sometimes If he does not come when I hang out at my friend's house, he must hold my cell phone. I was sent back to the house should not be long - long hanging out.

You could say he was dating the same time, my relationship with my girlfriend is good - well wrote. Arrived one time my parents told me to work, sempet I confused and think why I was told to work, my college is not finished already so the workplace can dibiang far from home alias I was told to stay at home my grandmother while gawe. Inevitably I was forced to tell my girlfriend, if I was in my parents cooperate cooperation. At first my girl just kept quiet I noticed, but over time she cried.

Bersambung ya..!!!!

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