Dasar Ibu - ibu Tukang Gosip

Dasar Ibu - ibu Tukang Gosip

ibu ibu tukang gosip
Never angry or amused do not look in the mothers (Ibu - ibu) chat (hanging) is not clear in front of the house every day. If there are angry means the same as that experienced by my friend (let's call him Doi.hihihihi ...).

Doi he had actually boarding at work, because his father was often sick so your spouse in order again stayed the same parents.
Doi story, the first beginning her home area quiet, safe, quiet and peaceful. Understandably doi living in one housing in Bekasi (more precisely still in housing alamanda regency, anyone know? Block what yes, I forgot. Anyway deket his home there badminton court (badminton) new and before going into her house rich there are parks , lots of chili (Cabe- cabean) every night of the week that the courtship there because of the dark ...).

Home spouse, the right and left are still empty (no home owner), who has been on leave only the new home front. Since the neighbors either side of existing occupants. Rather middling already crowded, finally doi scolds perfunctory greetings.

Doi month still comfortable staying at her parents' home. After a month passed doi increasingly agitated and angry. Ever time he did not leave home work permit. He said doi want to refresh the brain eliminates fatigue in mind due to work, but there doi even make angry. Morning - morning time doi want to flush the mango trees and plants his father's favorite, there was a mother - a mother busy again on hanging snugly sitting under the mango tree (his house) on chatting, she was unable to say doi want to water the plants a mango tree. Pas afternoon when they want to try to flush again, there are still sightings of the mother - the mother again at ngegosip (talking about others people). Finally fitting sunset, water the plants is accomplished mango trees and other plants.

Reoccur the next day as it is, whether it why and what there is. It was a mother - a mother to ngegosip (talking about others people) sit or hang out at the time the parents (father / mother) spouse again at work, whereas if the parents of the doi holidays, no mother - mother none who dared to huddle in front home.
There are events that most really miss doi word. There is one person's mother - a mother who gossip (talking about others people) under the mango tree (his house), perhaps because he was salivating or how so see mango fruiting at home doi. The return games taking mango has doi.

his father came home from work knowing doi fitting, fitting in check one by one in a plastic mango which lost one. Mr doi doi directly asked, before anyone asked for a mango, or you take the mango, there is live plastic wrote. Doi said no.

Doi immediate future father home again see that already bear fruit mango (With a waist style landslide winner in the 80-an..hehehe). There are mothers - mothers who pass will go off home, asked his father doi same. "Mom was there that took my mango". The mother replied: "I do not know sir".

Mother was straight into his house. Then there is the father - the father of the passers-by, said his father doi. Doi listen to chatter father while curious mango could be lost, no one picked up.
Said doi, doi father saying this to the fathers that was: "if you want to take the mango yes sir, said I used the same or similar was at home, must be given. There may be otherwise given the same neighbors. Finally, unexpectedly - thought, the right side of his neighbors (mother - a mother who had been in question and, out again towards his father doi) admit that taking mango .. wkwkwkwkwk.

Updated info, schedules mother - mother huddle in front of his house doi:
*) Morning at 7 to 8 hours (AM)
*) Afternoon 4 1/2 hour up to 5 hours (AM)

Doi core of the discussion is:
*) "Why did the mother - the mother if the huddle (or gossip or talk about others people) are not in front of his own house or in the house?"
*) "Why should be in front of people laughing (cekakakan)?"
*) "Why should be in front of my house, lu huddle?"
*) "Has been huddle front of my house, all taking my mango again?"
*) "Why not in front of your house each - each rotated, for ye facilities huddle?"

Doi last rant, which was the first time I heard came out of his words: "Satan was all mother - a mother, if you are in gossip (talking about others people) how, Ha ...?"

Doi Finally the patient (patient in the sense of not succumbing to stay at his parents again), however it is impossible to win if doi fighting the same mother - the mother (I think hehehehe ..). Mother - her mother was 5, his body definitely big - big, he just sendiri..mungkin certainly silenced his family. you certainly know his own Mother - Mother mouth pedes. What else if many (ngampar) accomplice, 1 flow anyway. Can - can make the mother organization..hehehehe

In my opinion the right solution to overcome the mother - the mother huddle there are 2 ways: throwing just the mother - the mother using a mobile phone, at least taken the same mobile phone mother - the mother for ngegosip (talking about others people) through BBM (front of the house so quiet) .. hihihihi If fondly throwing using a mobile phone, throwing just using High Heels let me use the same mother - her mother made ngegosip (talking about others people) in Mall..hahahaha

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