Makna Hidup Dari Teman Sejati

Makna Hidup Dari Teman Sejati

teman sejati
Many I see and I hear the busy man's search for the real meaning of life. Even I was not much different from them. Never before has this self discovered the meaning of life that should be a fresh breeze blowing in every day. Sometimes, doubts very deep mixed with excessive curiosity. Thus resulting faltering an establishment for which I uphold. Establishment that still form a premise that still stands at the edge of uncertainty will be an answer.

Indeed, to follow a person's thinking that has become a form of bonding will be very difficult to achieve. It is an ideology someone will be very difficult to be accepted by the liver to another.

When the brain begins to process the logic. Logic which is the pride of a man who is too weak to live. In fact, a message will be very difficult to feel when the feeling started issuing its role in determining a reason. A feeling which is the tangible evidence of human weakness arrogant.

Have there been human, find the meaning of their lives for which they are looking for?Have they found the form of real life, for which they are looking for?

Perhaps we humans are too selfish to always look for the meaning of life and the life we ​​want. Perhaps for this human being too narrow-minded about a way of life.Have we look for the meaning of a human being, for life? andHave we thought, if life requires the presence of a human being like us?It is futile if we are busy searching for the meaning of life and real life when life itself does not require the presence of people like us.

I understand that life is just a series of continuous action. A series of stories that do not ever formulated or written significantly. A complex routines established by desires, hopes, and rebellion. I reflect on the personality of the people who do not ever think of a goal. They face a future that is calm without a hope that means. They behave as if life has had a definite scenario for each of them. They seem oblivious to guarantee the changes promised to them when they tried to find the meaning of a better life.

I do not ever see a glitter of life, which should be reflected in the looks on their faces. I do not find the quality of their lives. An ancient ideology and culture that is very opposed to the derivative of an inch of the knowledge I have. A minority insurgency that emerged from the small heart who always crave meaning weak soul journey.

Could the courage to be different is unwarranted? orIs it just an explosion does not mean that arise because of a hormone that is volatile?

Or perhaps a proof that only a small fraction of human solid and eager to find reality in order to prove that life scenarios which have been considered complex and complicated is a straight line that can flexibly be formed if we are willing and trying to change its shape in order to be able to speak a little smile.

May all seem very confusing, that might make me get lost and too far to walk. I am not afraid of this little brain power to process all this confusion over the meaning of this heart guided steering. My fear is not able to find the back of the back wall to shore up exhausted. I was afraid of the fact that man is really just a form of arrogant incompetence by nature excessive. But is not because we live godless ???????????

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